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Parent's Holiday - India’s First Exclusive Travel Portal For Seniors Above Age 50


Parents Holiday is an exclusive premium travel portal that aims at spreading joy in your parent’s life. The idea is to give your parents, a travel experience of a lifetime. That feeling of doing something for your parents is truly unmatched. In no way can you return the love and care they bestowed on you but You can surely gift them a memorable holiday experience as a gesture of your love and affection. Choose from a wide range of domestic and international packages and let our team do all the planning and implementation!

We want to bring excitement back in the life of our Seenagers –Senior citizens with the heart of a Teenager, the new age Senior travelers, having the zeal and excitement to visit new places and enjoy new experiences.


•Our Vision  

Our vision is to become India’s No. 1 travel portal for Seniors and Seenagers and offer unmatched service to legacy our customers. We take pride in our success story and aim to ensure that your parents have a safe and fun-filled travel experience. 

Why Parents Holiday 

Parents Holiday is a name that is synonymous with trust and quality With experience of more than 2 decades in the travel and hospitality industry, we know how to make your experience joyful. 


•Transparency and professionalism 

Group travel for Seniors is relatively a new concept in India and we want to make this a reality. In the hustle of life, our parents are left behind. But when you have the expertise of Parents Holiday, you do not need to worry! 


•Attention to detail 

Be assured that with Parents Holiday your parents will be well taken care of. Our team has an immaculate track record and experience. We pay great attention to detail – like senior-friendly hotels, slow-paced itineraries, customized healthy meals, etc. to make the entire travel experience enjoyable and comfortable. 


•Dedication and perseverance set us apart 

There might be many other travel agencies, but what sets us apart is our dedication towards Seniors. Our team understands the varying needs of senior citizens and the tours are designed keeping that in mind. We make sure that our Tour Directors are empathetic and caring and they do all that it takes to make these trips memorable and stress-free.


•One-stop solution for all travel needs

We are a one-stop solution for all the travel needs of your parents –amazing destinations, senior-friendly hotels, visa, and forex, customized domestic and international tour packages, and much more. Whether your parents want a group tour or a customized private tour, we have it all! Trust us with your parents and you will never be disappointed. We put in our best to ensure the safety of your parents. 


Founder’s Message 

Vikram Bedi is the Founder of Parents Holiday and works tirelessly with his team to ensure your parents get an amazing holiday experience! Travel has been close to his heart and having traveled 40 countries by now, he knows how to ensure a comfortable yet fun and safe trip to the various exciting destinations.

“The idea behind Parents Holiday was to appreciate whatever my parents have done for me and give back in whatever way I could. I left my high-paying corporate job in 2018 to work on this dream project of mine as I know many of us to struggle with the guilt of not being able to give enough time to our parents, in the day-to-day rigmarole of life.”, shares Vikram. 

During our time there were only a few reputed travel companies in the industry. Whenever my parents wanted to travel, whether it was domestic or international I had to choose from some of those limited names of travel companies, unfortunately, all these were regular travel companies with no emphasis on the needs of Seniors” “My parents traveled to Kashmir in a group and they didn’t have a pleasant experience at all. They had difficulty socializing and communicating, as the people weren’t of my parents’ age. The hotels and their washrooms were not senior citizens friendly, the itinerary were fast-paced and my parents felt rushed rather than relaxed, food was oily and spicy, activities were not designed keeping in mind senior citizens. That’s when I how wonderful it would be if parents get to travel with travelers of their age. The idea of Parents Holiday was seeded in my mind then and I started working on the concept. 

At Parents Holiday, we want that your parents get to enjoy at their own pace, talk to people their age, and make deep connections and new friendships. So we design special itineraries that are slow-paced, choose hotels with special washrooms that are safe and senior-citizen friendly, we ensure that the food is delicious yet not spicy or oily and we try to ensure that special dietary requests of your parents are taken care of, and of course, we make sure that senior citizens can enjoy activities based on their interests.