The goodness tale!

It is the age of social media and brands leave no stone unturned to promote themselves. But we as a brand wanted to do something for the society as a gesture of our gratitude. Coming together with Earth Saviors Foundation, we have designed a unique program. Parents Holiday has always been a brand that’s driven by heart and this initiative is very close to our heart. For every international holiday package you book, we take one member from Earth Savior Foundation (an old age home) for mesmerizing all paid domestic trip. It’s a wonderful way to give back to the society. While you enjoy your trip, we’ll help bring a smile on someone’s face with a unique and all sponsored travel experience.

You might be doing a lot of charity, but bringing a smile to someone’s face in this form is unmatched. For people who are less privileged, it will be once in a lifetime opportunity to travel and explore a new destination. So go ahead and book an international holiday package and help a senior citizen fill colors in their dreams to travel!

Our effort to give back to the society!

For you travel is a getaway and necessity! But for some it is a farfetched dream that never sees the light of the day. Parents Holiday is one of the leading travel portals for seniors in India. We have a legacy that we take pride in. The program of giving back to the society is really close to our heart and the entire team works relentlessly to make it come true.

We at Parents Holiday have joined hands with Earth Savior Foundation as part of this program. For every international trip that you book, one person from Earth Saviors Foundation will get a chance to visit a domestic destination (all sponsored by us).

A lot of organizations take various initiatives, so what’s special with Parents Holiday and this program? We are consistent and dedicated and that’s what help us carve a niche for ourselves. Giving our share to those who need it is a feeling that cannot be described in words. A part of the profit from the bookings is given towards travelling for a person in need. When you know that because of you a senior citizen will be able to explore a new destination and live his/her dream is such a beautiful feeling. We’ll take care of you and your family and all your travel needs, and also ensure that the seniors who travel with us in this program get a unparalleled and beautiful experience.

Earth Saviors Foundation is a renowned name and needs no introduction. It is one of India’s leading NGOs and is doing exemplary work with senior citizens. It is an internationally acclaimed and renowned non-profit organization that’s dedicated to serving the underprivileged, providing a safe haven for mistreated animals, and making all possible efforts to protect the environment for the generations to come.